Appraisal Services

Most of the loans involving your property will require an appraisal. Here at Golden State Farm Credit we have a highly qualified appraisal team with an extensive background in farm, ranch, and agricultural facility appraisal. Each of our licensed appraisal staff has a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser license. This is the highest license designation offered by the State of California. In addition, we have several staff members who hold additional supplemental designations offered by the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ARA).

Maintaining our own internal appraisal team here at Golden State Farm Credit allows us to handle the majority of the appraisals needed for internal lending purposes. This is a significant advantage to our members. It gives our Association the ability to help control the quality, time, and expense of the appraisal process.

In addition to providing appraisals for internal lending purposes, our appraisal team is also available to provide fee appraisal services for a variety of needs. Typical uses of our fee appraisal services include: estate planning, gifting of property, and the sale of property, record keeping, and a variety of other uses. Please contact our appraisal department if we can assist you in any way.

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