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Golden State Farm Credit has a Funds Held account program, which is an interest-bearing trust account that offers a market-competitive cash management option for borrowers. By setting up a Funds Held account, you can keep your cash liquid for your agriculture operating needs while also earning a market rate of return. Funds Held is a unique money-management benefit that is only offered at Farm Credit.
How Funds Held Accounts can be used

  • Make a loan payment
  • Apply funds to your account
  • Pay taxes or insurance
  • Use for other agricultural purpose

Who's eligible?

  • Any GSFC primary borrower who has a loan
  • Borrower can invest up to the amount of their principal or total loan commitment balance and earn interest on their funds

Interest rate

  • Determined by GSFC
  • Interest on the accounts is compounded annually
  • The interest rate paid on the account will be established by the Association’s Asset Liability Committee.

How to add of withdraw funds

  • Call the office to request a check or payment via Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • Use Online Banking

About Funds Held Accounts

  • No withdrawal penalty
  • Not a depository account
  • Uninsured and at the risk of loss
  • Funds are protected by the commitment and financial condition of GSFC


  • Interest earned is reported annually to you and the IRS on Form 1099-INT

Golden State Farm Credit reserves the right to limit participation in the Funds Held Account Program. For more information about our Funds Held Accounts Program, call 800.834.8698.

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